Arc Flash Analysis

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Arc Flash Analysis

We offer arc flash mitigation and compliance tailored to your facility, with a complete process that includes data gathering, analysis, and labeling for hazard protection and panel safety.

What We Do

We provide a complete arc flash analysis tailored to your facility. We provide compliance with OSHA and NFPA70e arc flash mitigation requirements through a data gathering, analysis, labeling, and compliance program process.

We will step you through the program and you choose your level of services – Basic, Enhanced, or Comprehensive.

How We Do It

With specialized infrared imaging equipment and our experience, we can predict electrical failures. We’ll identify problem areas and tell you if you should correct a situation right away, include it in the next maintenance cycle, or if it is something that needs attention in the future. Planning services are included in the Comprehensive package.

We prevent large shutdowns and unexpected outages by providing information to set your electrical protection system for optimal performance. After gathering site specific data, we compile an electrical model of your facility and determine the optimal settings of your equipment to protect key areas or processes.

We prevent a small localized electrical problem from bringing your entire plant, facility, or operation to a standstill. We prevent the main breaker or fuse from tripping/opening with proper settings to the electrical system while still maintaining protection of your entire facility/process.

What is Arc Flash?

Arc Flash occurs when electricity travels through the air. It is an explosion associated with an electrical short circuit. It proves to be one of the most hazardous electrical accidents. According to the BLS, electrical accidents are the second leading cause of injuries in the workplace. The energy release can heat up to 35,000 degrees. Which is hotter than the Sun’s surface. The danger to people close to an Arc Flash is immeasurable and can easily cause death.

What Causes Arc Flash?

Arc Flash can happen during a number of events including equipment failure, inferior installation, dropping a tool during maintenance, and/or dust and condensation near energized wiring.

What is the Effect of Arc Flash?

Over 2,000 workers are treated in specialized burn trauma centers each year as a result of Arc Flash injures. Over 46,000 workers have been injured from “on the job” electrical hazards over the past decade. Too often these accidents are fatal!